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Here at Third Digital Media, we have been working over the last five years or so to help deliver effective lawyer marketing results for our clients. It is an industry that is continuing to grow its presence online and it is something that current lawyers need to address if it something they haven’t yet.

We have found that it is extremely competitive and will continue to be but our team of experienced professionals know what Is best in terms of strategy to help bring your law firm to the forefront.


We’re focused on the providing the best SEO results for our new and existing sole practitioner/law firm clients.

Whether it is Google Ranking or Google Maps, our in house team of specialists know how to prepare law firms like you for a rise in rankings.

We have been practising general SEO for almost 10 years and have worked within numerous professional industries. As more people are using mobile devices to browse for information, it is vital for you and your law firm that you ensure that you are in position where you are not left behind.

Technical SEO

Ensuring your website is optimised for Google Bot

SEO Audit

We fully audit every client site to ensure that everything is in place to rank organically

Competitor Analysis

Looking at what needs to be done in order for you to compete

On Page Local SEO

Optimising your site based on competition and our research

Link Building

Building a strategy that ensures high quality links from authoritative websites

Give your law firm
the exposure it deserves through
our exceptional SEO work


Here at Third, no lawyer marketing project is too big or small.

We have experience of working alongside some of the largest lawyer firms in the UK and a number of sole practitioners and we will never rule any organisation out based on size.

As long as we feel that the people we are working with are just as ambitious as us, there is no issue and there is nothing more our team love than to produce effective digital marketing results for our clients, whether that be SEO or any of our other services we offer our new/existing law firm clients.

Effective Web Design solutions for Law Firms

Most law firms are now choosing to move to a digital platform with a number of these firms actually operating completely from their website. This means that this is an industry that is growing and will be continuing to grow over the coming years.

It is vital if you want to keep your business alive to ensure that your website looks professional and is in a position to be accessible to potential clients. We have worked with a number of law firms and we have a web design team that have a good understanding of how a website should be styled. Your law firm website acts as an online representation of you as a company.

If you feel it needs upgrading, then you probably should. You wouldn’t leave your lawyers office in a mess when meeting clients… So why do the same for your website?


Our team will work to develop your law social media platforms

Do you feel like you don’t need a Social Media following because of your industry? We’re telling you that you do. You should respect your social media pages just as much as your website and if anything, treat it with more respect. Building an informative and engaging social media profile is what will help you to expand.

Our team will work to generate informative posts as well as look to engage with potential clients with any questions. It is vital you keep on top of social media posts and stay relative. Having a number of social media accounts with a number of posts and followers will help boost your website profile and provide social signals to Google to help build authority to tell them that you are #1 in the lawyer industry. Speak to one of our team today and we can get to work right away.

Lawyer SEO is a competitive market… Make sure you are #1

The lawyer SEO Market is one that is becoming increasingly competitive and it is vital that you are not left behind. Our team love working alongside passionate, motivated business owners that can see the bigger picture. Old business ways are fading out and our team of young, vibrant individuals have an outlook that can help really propel your law firm to the next level. We know you have what it takes and we cannot wait to get started!

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