Keeping Your Website Trim & Fast

Keeping Trim and Staying Fast – Without moving from your website

As the title may suggest, this article has nothing to do with working out or exercise. No need to worry!

We are talking about speeding up your WordPress website and making it a nice website to use for you and your potential customers. A slow loading website can deter a lot of customers away from your page. People haven’t got time to waste and are going to rather use one of your customer websites instead. You should be aiming to have a load time of fewer than 2 seconds if you want a website that consumers are going to want to engage with. There are various simple tweaks you can make to sort this issue.

Remove any large files from your site

wordpress contentIt is essential that you are keeping your website minimal. Getting rid of any large files that slow your site right down is key. Large photos on your website can be a huge issue and are one of the main reasons why websites perform slowly. Resizing so that they are no bigger than 2000px is a general rule of thumb that works pretty well. That is still pretty big so just have in mind that you should be trying to make the images as small as possible. There are loads of sites that allow for you to do this online if you are unsure how to reduce the size of the image.

Ensuring that you are compressing each photo before you upload is also essential. It will not alter the quality or size of the photo and again, if you are unsure how to do this, there are many free options online that allow for you to do this. In fact, compressing all of the files on your site is essential to having a site that is going to convert users to customers.

The smaller the files, the faster they will download and ultimately this is going to drastically reduce load time. Again, there are a number of sites online that allow you to run compression audits to help reduce the file sizes.

Keep it minimal and easy to use

Ultimately, it is down to keeping your site as minimal as possible. Simplicity is the winner. Making a website that is simple for customers to use is essential. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect and ask yourself:

  • Do I like this website?
  • Am I getting bored waiting for this website to load?
  • Is everything clear?
  • Is everything easy to find?
  • Is the best option available to me regarding what I want?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then you need to change your website. Adjusting to your competition is not a bad thing. Look at what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong and then try and be better. You need to be evolving and improving all the time.

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