Is Your Business Ready For Instagram?

Social platforms are forever increasing in terms of visibility with the number of people now interacting on a daily basis and all sorts of businesses, both large and small are using social platforms to reach out to a whole new market and a market that is only growing in strength. There are a number of factors that will apply to certain companies and depending on the industry and the nature of your company, it is something that may or may not work in your favour when marketing through social platforms. Your customers are able to process images much, much faster than text and makes for a much more effective marketing method.

A business that should be looking forward should be looking at using Instagram. If you are looking to target the next generation and look at directing your campaigns at the next lot of spenders, Instagram is the way you should be going.

From 2017, over a quarter of the UK’s population were using Instagram and it is continuing to grow in popularity, alongside Snapchat and Twitter.

Connect with your potential customers on a personal level

friends using instagram to interact

The unique part about Instagram is the ability to tag and influence the way your brand is re-targeted.

With a network of shoppers that are largely influenced by social recommendations, reviews etc, you can really gain advantage and win over clients just by making sure you promote in the right way through this platform and aim for the right people.

Not only useful for the photos you can upload through your company but the many developing features on Instagram that are continuing to draw in new customers. Taking advantage of the additional features is key to effective marketing. With the addition of Instagram stories, boomerangs, time-lapse clips and the explore page, there are a number of creative ways that you can promote and endorse your organisation. Engagement is key and think about how you can best promote your ideas and services and allow for your audience to be able to interact in a cool way.

Using hashtags to promote your company has never been more essential

Client looking at explore page for relevant hashtags

Simply taking a hash tag that is relevant to your service and putting it out there works as a really great marketing tool. It can work really effectively as a research tool and provides a gauge as to whether there is a demand for your service over Instagram. It works as a really good opportunity for marketers to directly get in touch with their client base and find out directly what they can do to meet user needs.

Reach out to your current and future audience and put your brand out there

The basic and popular interface means that it works and is popular with a huge audience. You have children using Instagram and yes, you may not be targeting them in terms of your service but it shows that it is a simple system that is going to continue to grow in popularity and be used for generations to come. Yes, the new features may be slightly confusing but the general idea of Instagram being an image sharing application works as a simple concept and a very good marketing tool that personally, I believe should be adopted by the majority of businesses.

Do you need assistance in promoting your brand through Instagram?

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