Digital Marketing Preparation For Summer 2018

Every season, you should be aware of what is trending on search engines. How should you be carrying out your research for SEO on your site? A reliable marketing agency will be able to establish a campaign and prepare you as well as they possibly can. Based on these trends, you can tailor your web pages to drive traffic towards the relevant products/services. If you are able to target eCommerce keywords depending on the season; you have a higher chance of ranking better from these terms.

E-commerce sites will wait until summer arrives to add the seasonal content to their live pages and think this will automatically drive traffic more towards their sites. Google can choose to index a site as it pleases; there is no set time frame.

A reliable marketing agency will be able to plan strategically

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You need to ensure that you time the seasonal keywords for your campaigns. Make sure there is plenty of time before going into the season itself and ensuring everything is optimised beforehand. Preparing for spring and summer traffic should begin at the start of the year. This is to make sure that it’s getting the traffic it should be. This provides you with plenty of time to allow for indexing; it allows time to make sure your site is generating value prior to the crucial few months where your website will need to be performing at its best. Getting in touch with a digital marketing agency will inform you about how crucial it is to create a strategy.


Building links to your website are crucial for domain authority

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Link building is also an important part in the preparation of the relevant season. By acquiring hyperlinks and linking them back to your site, these links can help build authority. Google recognises that you are more relevant because of the popularity of links. The more links you have linking back, the better.

There are many ways that you can create backlinks to your site. Using promotions can work well and once you and your designated marketing agency or team have established what the promotions are going to be going forward, these can then be used to create a backlink to your site. Making influencers, bloggers etc. aware of the promotions you have on offer can help to endorse your site. It works by using keyword research to find the relevant key phrases that you and your competitors are ranking for. Within the blog, if the author can use a word on their blog and link the relevant word with a link back to your page. Again, this only helps your page gain authority and is often a method that many companies do not address in their campaigns.

Your customers should be your #1 priority and create valuable content for them keeps you relevant

how social media can bring in money

Social media marketing is another crucial way to create brand awareness for your organisation. It is the most intelligent way to connect with your audience and if it is done properly, it can work as a really effective way to show your customers you are active online and can show them you put them first if you are able to keep up with customer requests. Social signals can also help with page authority and tells Google you are a genuine organisation with the customers’ interest at heart. Targeting the right keywords and directing traffic based on the right research can really point your customers in the right direction and lead them to your site.

There are a number of tools and methods that you should be incorporating when planning for your seasonal marketing campaigns and by planning, carrying out the relevant research and making sure your strategy is correct, you can create a really effective campaign that will promote your brand and promote your products/services in an intelligent way. See here for simple digital marketing improvements that can help grow your business.

Does your company require a seasonal marketing campaign?

If so, get in touch with one of our team and we can help create a strategy going forward. Visit our contact page to find out more.

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