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Search Engine Optimisation is our main drive and passion.
Our Birmingham SEO office is located in the heart of the city centre.

We have a team of dedicated individuals that are focused on getting you the results that you deserve.


Our SEO Birmingham Agency Is Results-Driven

Our Birmingham SEO team have a vast amount of experience and know what it takes to get our clients to the top.

We strive for the best and ensure that every campaign; no matter how big or small, is a successful one.

Here at Third Digital Media, no project is ever too big or too small and our team relish taking new and exciting opportunities with clients when they present themselves.

Technical SEO

Ensuring your website is optimised for Google Bot

SEO Audit

We fully audit every client site to ensure that everything is in place to rank organically

Competitor Analysis

Looking at what needs to be done in order for you to compete

On Page Local SEO

Optimising your site based on competition and our research

Link Building

Building a strategy that ensures high quality links from authoritative websites

Give your online business
the exposure it deserves through
our exceptional SEO work


Why Our Birmingham SEO Team of Experts Can Help You

It is human nature that we have a ranking order based on what we prefer; whether that is your favourite restaurants, favourite places to visit or favourite places to shop and this is the exact same thing.

Again, all of this is built on reputation and our Birmingham SEO team work to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to managing reputation. This all comes from creating valuable content that your customers want to see, building a social presence and doing all of the right things SEO-wise that are going to draw consumers to your business.

Raising awareness, generating enquiries and bringing new customers is ultimately our end goal and this is all done by creating consumer trust, which we help to build through the work that we do.


Consumers Are Engaging Differently With Businesses

Consumers are no longer picking up the phone to get in contact with companies. Like you are right now, they are searching and researching through Google to find the company that they can trust and ultimately want to do business with.

Without realising, your consumers are making an instinctive decision based on what they see in front of them. They are judging companies based on their digital reputation and they are always going to lean towards the company with the most reputable online listing.

SEO is increasing in importance and it is vital that you do not get left behind. With consumers becoming more and more reliant on their mobile devices, you need to be the company that people are going to want to choose when making an online enquiry. This involves being on page 1 on Google, with less than 20% of people ever going past page 1 to find a relevant service based on the search query.


Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

Our Birmingham SEO team work with a number of companies from a variety of industries here in the West Midlands and we work to deliver the same goal, which is to ultimately generate enquiries and leads for our clients.

We are more than happy to work alongside in-house teams that you may have on board and it tends to work in our favour as it means that communication is easier and work can get done quicker. The team also know what it takes to be the sole provider of a single companies needs but nothing changes in the work they do and we strive to deliver on all of our clients’ needs.

Target your audience through the correct keywords

SEO in Birmingham can be difficult as it is a city full of thriving businesses that are marketing in many areas. This is why it is vital that you ensure the keywords you target are the right ones and our Birmingham SEO experts have a number of years of experience between them and know the right phrases to aim for.

We look to target these keywords through a number of platforms; whether they are links or content but it is vital that we look to target the keywords that are going to generate traffic and enquiries. We have a number of in house resources that allow for us to do the relevant research and provide our clients with a keyword strategy that we can really look to target with all of the work that we do.

Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes… You need to be thinking, what are they looking for? What is it that my website is promoting? Am I providing real, helpful content that is aimed at these people? Our team specialise in answering these questions for you and know what it takes to provide useful content.

It is vital that you are focusing on the right keywords and driving the right sort of traffic to your website; not doing so can really kill enquiry levels. We offer sustainable Digital Marketing plans to ensure the right traffic is driven towards your site.

We have a talented team of content writers here in our Birmingham SEO office

Our team of creative individuals have the ability to create content that is not only going to provide value for your customers but help you to rank for the phrases that you want to.

We are pushing out content every day for a wide variety of clients and no matter how obscure the industry may be; our writers are creative enough to create valuable text that is going to help draw in consumers. It is a case of promoting this material through social platforms and your website in order to help create user engagement and ultimately, if the content is good enough, it will generate consumer interest. This is the foundation of all of our campaigns and we promote pushing content to draw in an audience.

It is what keeps you and your company relevant and ensures that you are providing a genuine service that is not only there to take their money but to provide them with a bit of value too.

On-Page SEO in Birmingham

Optimising your website is crucial to ensure that you are visible in the search engines. There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that when a potential client searches for the relevant keyword on Google, you come up as a relevant result. There is a process that our Birmingham SEO team follow to ensure that the keywords your page is looking to rank for is targeted in the right way.

Let’s use an accountant in this example: They are based in Birmingham and are looking to rank for ‘accountant in birmingham’. This is a phrase that a lot of people are searching for and the only way the company are going to rank for this phrase is by ensuring this phrase is consistent throughout. Not only is this needed for consumers but it is needed for the search engine because how will Google be able to rank this company for ‘accountant in birmingham’ if there is no mention of the phrase in the page content?

This is where our SEO Birmingham team work to ensure the page titles, meta tags, descriptions etc. all mention the relevant phrases and the content produced is all relevant. Again, the key here is to ensure that you are producing content for the audience and have a website that is as easy to crawl for the search engine bots as possible; all of this our SEO Birmingham office specialises in.

We take pride in representing brand growth here at Third Digital Media

Our passion here at Third Digital Media is really working to see a brand grow in reputation. In order to create a worthy online brand, you need to make sure that everything is in place in order for your brand to grow in the right way. 

Ensuring that we work to push your brand across different platforms and drive towards a USP is something that our team can help with. It all comes down to creating quality content that is going to interest and intrigue potential customers. A brand is not made overnight and it can take time but by doing everything in the right way and being a company that engages with its audience in the right way, this is how brands are created.

This is how our SEO team in Birmingham will work to generate a digital presence for our clients.

A Birmingham SEO Consultancy that cares

Our SEO team have a vast wealth of experience and have the knowledge that can really catapult your company to the next level. We can spend more time here going into what we do for companies in Birmingham but we can only be judged by our results.

We work with a number of companies from a variety of industries here in Birmingham and we know what it takes to give organisations the exposure they need. We love maintaining healthy relationships with our clients and strive to deliver on any requests they may have. Our friendly team have been working within SEO in Birmingham for a number of years and if you have any questions for them, feel free to give a call.

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