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What do We do?

A Digital Marketing Agency That Cares

Our SEO Agency is driven by providing our customers with the tools they need to compete in the online marketplace.

SEO Audit

Through strategic planning, we can create a plan that will outline your rise to the top through the power of SEO.

Real-Time Reporting

Our Digital Marketing Agency is focused on providing clients with a thorough reporting system.

Organic Ranking

With our SEO work, we can move your website through the rankings and give your business the visibility it deserves.

Technical SEO

We are experts in technical SEO and have the skills required to build the crucial site foundations needed for Google.

Paid Advertising

Through PPC, we can help increase visibility, target direct campaigns to your audience and reduce your ad spend.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter Adverts are another way in which we can help bring in instant leads and increase social presence.

Give your online business
the exposure it deserves through
our exceptional SEO work

How Do We Work?

Search Engine Optimisation
For Your Marketing Needs

We carry out the right procedures to ensure you can rank for the right phrases.

Technical SEO

Ensuring your website is optimised for Google Bot

SEO Audit

We fully audit every client site to ensure that everything is in place to rank organically

Competitor Analysis

Looking at what needs to be done in order for you to compete

On Page Local SEO

Optimising your site based on competition and our research

Link Building

Building a strategy that ensures high quality links from authoritative websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation is a growing practice for many marketing teams and it is vital that you are with an agency carrying it out correctly. It is becoming an increasingly competitive environment and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance. By ranking #1 in Google, you effectively have a monopoly power in SEO terms with the majority of traffic choosing the business listed in the top 3 positions. We are here to ensure all of the right procedures are carried out to take you to the top.

Studies suggest that 85% of users now search on Google to find more information before making a purchase. It is vital that your business is prepared for the future of Digital Marketing.

When it comes to organic ranking, it can take a couple of months before seeing any changes. We offer paid advertising management which helps to bring in results of a more immediate nature. SEO is a skill and it takes time to work your campaign in the right way.

Every website and company is different and our prices are very much based on the competitiveness of the industry. Get in touch with us today and lets discuss your tailor made campaign over a phone call. 

We base every success on the amount of phone calls and enquiries coming through the door and we have an excellent track record of delivering on these promises that we set out. Our digital marketing solutions have led us to become one of the largest agencies in the UK and we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the country. Whether it is through organic ranking or paid, we can tailor a campaign that is going to guarantee enquires and ultimately, sales. 

We have a number of digital marketing experts here at Third dedicated to ensuring every client sees results. We are highly experienced and know what it takes to get your business where it needs to. By carrying out all of the right SEO procedures, we are confident that we can deliver a successful campaign. We have proven results and a track record of transforming a businesses online enquiries. 

Third Digital Media

We're a dynamic team of Digital Marketing Experts.

Here at Third Digital Media, we pride ourselves on delivering an honest service that guarantees results and phone calls. Our dedicated team of SEO experts know what it takes to deliver on a successful campaign.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Meet Our SEO Marketing Specialists.

Here at Third Digital Media, we have a team made up of dedicated SEO Experts that will be able to guide you throughout your campaign.


What are people saying?

Recommend Recommend Recomend Third Media have done a outstanding job in turning my nightmares of my site that had been hacked and turned into a dating site To now where I’m glad it happened because I could not ask for a better website I’m so happy and now look forward to the future working with third media and the team.
Paul Murphy - Keys 4 The City
Paul Murphy - Keys 4 The City
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Third Digital Media are one of the best marketing agencies we’ve had the chance to work with. Would recommend to anyone looking for a professional digital marketing service. Not only did our search rankings improve, but they also recommended and trained our staff on Help Scout, which has resulted in us being able to get back to all the new daily leads within minutes vs. days and manage and organise ourselves better with the saved replies. This has paid for the campaign ten times over.
Jeremy Sorrell - Head of Marketing
Jeremy Sorrell - Head of Marketing
Solihull, United Kingdom
We are really seeing month on month progress and our company is continuing to grow with Third. We didn't expect such a rapid growth in terms of our online presence but the guys at Third have really worked diligently and made sure the stuff that needed addressing was nipped in the bud straight away and we are seeing a real return on our investment. As long as these results continue, we can see a really bright future with Third Digital Media and would highly recommend to anyone looking to really take their business to the next level. Thank you to the amazing team for helping our business flourish.
Sophie Gregory - Ready Steady Gymnastics
Sophie Gregory - Ready Steady Gymnastics
Coventry, UK
Working alongside Third Digital Media has been a pleasure and one of the best business decisions we have made. After working with a number of marketing agencies that had failed to deliver what we wanted, we were slightly unsure as to where to go next. After taking a look at our website and telling us what had been done incorrectly previously, the guys at Third made sure that the essential on page stuff was sorted out before we went any further. Within the month, our site had rose up the Google Rankings massively and we are now seeing actual results. We will continue to work with James and his team for the foreseeable future and I highly recommend using them!
Alice Cawthorn - Head of Marketing
Alice Cawthorn - Head of Marketing
Manchester, UK

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